Who I was… Where I came from… Who I am…

My life revolves around an “almost-in-the-ghetto” community, shaped by the principles of a senior secondary institution and fashioned by a single parent family where most of my morals imparted, were supported by the fact that I was raised in church.

Stepping into my teens, I lost my father for reasons I’m still hoping to figure out. This though, I used as a vehicle to drive a successful spirit especially in my academics. However, I failed in putting this into practice in high school due to my loyalty to a clique known as “D12”.

Even though I fought 3 times, got suspended, skulked and participated in some other “unruly” behaviors like putting a condom in a teacher’s bag, I, thankfully graduated with passes in all but one of my subjects which I was probably too tired to write.

I’d only realize that Nelson Mandela’s quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” was even applicable to me, after I began University in 2013. This would fuel my drive to believe that with education, I could actually make a difference in some part of the world.

Prior to this however, I had my first and only serious relationship which sadly lasted for only eight (8) months after she was probably tired of me (lol). After it ended however, I had realized that I was prioritizing factions of my life not how they were intended to be. This lead to the more academically driven spirit. I was still failing to honour God first.

As I completed my first semester at the University of Guyana, one of my junior mentors recommended me to a state-owned media where I began working as a reporter, particularly in politics. The experiences and knowledge acquired are priceless while some I would admit, I would have happily skipped.

My bitter moments would be reflected in the fact that I am usually referred to as a “Government boy” simply because of my affiliation with a state-owned entity. Another is the fact that I am a “PPP boy”, which is a subtle racial remark, highlighting the fact that because I’m of East Indian descent, I support a particular political party. While these factors tamper heavily with my credibility, I maintain an independent thinking and a non-tutored which has resulted in lost faith in all political parties in my country. I find those remarks hideous too, considering the fact that I am predominantly attracted to  women of African descent.

Not to worry though, this blog will not focus particularly on politics since human interest (the focus of this blog) rests at the core of all social and political deficiencies. As such, I will explore beyond surface thinking of everyday life and unfold without remorse, the Unpolished Realities which envelope Guyana as we seek to foster development in a globally contracting and regional opportunistic arena.

I believe that in living, one should remember atleast one of the seven deadly sins which fits his life, formulated by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice.”

I am Ravin!